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Jesus Fish 3

Bible Study Outline: Jesus “IS” God

Written By: Steve Shirley

*For Answer Key To Fill In The Blanks Go: Here


Why is this important?


What do others believe?

Mormons – Believe Jesus was/is: ____________________

Jehovah Witnesses – Believe Jesus was/is: ____________________

Islam – Believes Jesus was/is: ____________________

The difference between Christianity and all other world religions is:
“They say __________, we say ______________.

What does the Bible tell us about our works?


Key verses: (Eph 2:8-9)

Three key parts of these two verses:
1st: ____________________
2nd: ____________________
3rd: ____________________

The standard is not other people, it is GOD! None of us can meet that standard!

Other good verses for no works for salvation: (Titus 3:5)(Rom 4:4-5)(Rom 3:27-28)(Gal 2:16)


So, where do we go in the Bible to prove the deity of Jesus?

(Best single verse) Heb 1:8 ________________________ (Link to: Ps 45:6)

(Jn 1:1) ______________________________ (Link to: Jn 1:14)

(Phil 2:5-6) ______________________________

Other good single verses: (Jn 20:28)(Isa 9:6)(Titus 2:13)



(Jn 10:25-33) ______________________________ (Key verse: Jn 10:30)

Why were they going to stone Jesus for saying this?


 (Lk 5:20-25)(Mk 2:1-12)(Mt 9:1-8)(Lk 7:47-50) ______________________________

Why did they say Jesus was blaspheming? Aren’t we supposed to forgive people who have sinned?


 (Num 21:6-9) ______________________________

Other claims Jesus made:

He was: ______________________________ (1 Jn 3:5)(2 Cor 5:21)(Heb 4:15)(1 Pet 2:22)

He claimed He could be: ______________________________ (Mt 18:20)

He said the angels: ______________________________ (Mt 13:41)(Mt 24:30-31)(Mt 25:31) (Mk 13:27)

He called Himself: ______________________________ (Jn 8:58-59) (The Jews were going to stone Him for this too.)

He said to the Jews: ______________________________ (Jn 6:49)
Why did He say this? ______________________________

Jesus was also: ______________________________ (Mt 2:11)(Mt 2:2)(Mt 15:25)(Mt 28:17) (Jn 9:38)(Rev 4:10)(Heb 1:6)

And, He was: ______________________________ (Acts 7:59), and told others to:
______________________________ (Jn 14:13-14)


Another excellent way to show Jesus IS God is to show the attributes both God and Jesus share.

Who will _____________________?
God (Heb 13:4)(Rom 3:6)(Ps 82:8)(Ps 50:6)
Jesus (Jn 5:22)(Jn 5:27)(2 Tim 4:1)(2 Cor 5:10)

Who is _______________________?
God (Gen 1:1)(Isa 42:5)(Isa 45:18)
Jesus (Col 1:16)(Heb 1:10)(Jn 1:3)

Who is the ___________________?
God (Gen 35:11)(Gen 17:1)(2 Cor 6:18)
Jesus (Rev 1:8)(Rev 4:8)

At who shall _________________?
God (Rom 14:11)(Isa 45:22-23)
Jesus (Phil 2:10)

Who is the ___________________?
God (Rev 21:6-7)(Rev 4:8)(Rev 1:8)(Rev 1:11)
Jesus (Rev 1:17-18)(Rev 2:8)(Rev 22:13)(Jn 1:1)

Who is _______________________?
God (Deut 10:17)(Ps 136:2-3)
Jesus (Rev 17:14)(Rev 19:16)(1 Tim 6:14-15)

The Revelation Road! (To Jehovah Witnesses: they love the book of Revelation)

Question: Who is the Almighty?

Answer will be: God

Reply: Ok, let’s see if you are correct.

First verse: (Rev 1:8)

Second verse: (Rev 21:5-7)

Third verse: (Rev 22:13)

Fourth verse: (Rev 1:17)

Question: ______________________________?

Copyright: © Steve Shirley