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Jesus Fish 3

Bible Study Outline: Jesus “IS” God (Key)

Written By: Steve Shirley

Why is this important?

(Rom 10:9-10,13) Jesus is Lord (God), if you don’t believe that, you can’t be saved.

What do others believe?

Mormons – Believe Jesus was/is:  One of many gods. We can all become god. He was created.

Jehovah Witnesses – Believe Jesus was/is:  The Archangel Michael. He was created. There is no resurrection from the dead.

Islam – Believes Jesus was/is:  A prophet. He was created. There is no no resurrection from the dead.

The difference between Christianity and all other world religions is:
They say do, we say done.

What does the Bible tell us about our works?


Key verses: (Eph 2:8-9)

Three key parts of these two verses:
1st:  It is by faith.
2nd:  It is a gift.
3rd:  So you can’t boast.

The standard is not other people, it is GOD! None of us can meet that standard!

Other good verses for no works for salvation: (Titus 3:5)(Rom 4:4-5)(Rom 3:27-28)(Gal 2:16)


So, where do we go in the Bible to prove the deity of Jesus?

(Best single verse) Heb 1:8  Father calls the Son God (Link to: Ps 45:6)

(Jn 1:1)  Word was God (Link to: Jn 1:14)

(Phil 2:5-6)  Jesus = to God

Other good single verses: (Jn 20:28)(Isa 9:6)(Titus 2:13)



(Jn 10:25-33) Jesus and the Father are one (Key verse: Jn 10:30)

Why were they going to stone Jesus for saying this?
In Jewish thinking of that time, the Father WAS the Son.
Double portion, Birthright passed on
Jesus was claiming equality with God.

 (Lk 5:20-25)(Mk 2:1-12)(Mt 9:1-8)(Lk 7:47-50)  Jesus forgave sins

Why did they say Jesus was blaspheming? Aren’t we supposed to forgive people who have sinned?
Because in the Old Testament there was no command to forgive sins. It was always an eye for eye (Ex 21:24-25) or restitution (Ex 21&22). Only GOD could forgive sins. He was claiming deity.

 (Num 21:6-9)  Jesus sent the serpents on the Israelites.

Other claims Jesus made:

He was: sinless. (1 Jn 3:5)(2 Cor 5:21)(Heb 4:15)(1 Pet 2:22)

He claimed He could be:  anywhere at any time (omnipresent). (Mt 18:20)

He said the angels:  were His. (Mt 13:41)(Mt 24:30-31)(Mt 25:31) (Mk 13:27)

He called Himself:  “I AM” (Jn 8:58-59) (The Jews were going to stone Him for this too.)

He said to the Jews:  YOUR fathers. (Jn 6:49)
Why did He say this?  Were the not also HIS fathers too? Jesus was proclaiming His deity by disassociating Himself with mankind.

Jesus was also:  worshipped. (Mt 2:11)(Mt 2:2)(Mt 15:25)(Mt 28:17) (Jn 9:38)(Rev 4:10)(Heb 1:6)

And, He was:  prayed to (Acts 7:59), and told others to: pray to Him. (Jn 14:13-14)


 Another excellent way to show Jesus IS God is to show the attributes both God and Jesus share.

Who will judge?
God (Heb 13:4)(Rom 3:6)(Ps 82:8)(Ps 50:6)
Jesus (Jn 5:22)(Jn 5:27)(2 Tim 4:1)(2 Cor 5:10)

Who is creator?
God (Gen 1:1)(Isa 42:5)(Isa 45:18)
Jesus (Col 1:16)(Heb 1:10)(Jn 1:3)

Who is the “Almighty“?
God (Gen 35:11)(Gen 17:1)(2 Cor 6:18)
Jesus (Rev 1:8)(Rev 4:8)

At who shall every knee bow?
God (Rom 14:11)(Isa 45:22-23)
Jesus (Phil 2:10)

Who is King of kings and Lord of lords?
God (Deut 10:17)(Ps 136:2-3)
Jesus (Rev 17:14)(Rev 19:16)(1 Tim 6:14-15)

The Revelation Road! (To Jehovah Witnesses: they love the book of Revelation)

Question: Who is the Almighty?

Answer will be: God

Reply:  Ok, let’s see if you are correct.

First verse: (Rev 1:8) Show them they are correct. Alpha/Omega, Beginning/End, right?

Second verse: (Rev 21:5-7)  Again correct. Alpha/Omega, Beginning/End

Third verse: (Rev 22:13) Again correct. Alpha/Omega, Beginning/End, First/Last.

Fourth verse: (Rev 1:17) Read then STOP, confirm it is the same as the previous verses. Then continue to (Rev 1:18).

Question:  Are you saying God died??

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