Archaeological Evidence

By: Steve Shirley

     Hundreds of people, places, and things mentioned in the Bible can still be seen today. Artifacts uncovered continue to reinforce more and more the truth contained in the Bible. There has never been any archaeological find that has ever contradicted the Bible.
Listed below is just a tiny portion of evidence supporting the Bible.

Joseph (Gen 37-50)(Ex 13:19)Shechum in Caanan (Still revered today)
Rachel (Gen 26-48)(See 48:7)1 Mi N of Jerusalem, 4 mi S of Jerusalem (Revered by Jews today)
Absalom (2 Sam 13-20) And Zechariah (1 Chr)Located side by side in the Kidron Valley just outside Jerusalem
Darius I (Ezra 4-6) and Artaxeres I (Ezra 4-8)Located side by side in the city of Persepolis in ancient Persia
Barnabas (Acts 11-15)Cyprus
Lazarus (Jn 11:1-44)Bethany (Revered by the people in that area)
John The ApostleEphesus
John The BaptistEnclosed in a church bearing his name in Samaria-Sebaste

     ** Many tombs and other historic sites in the Bible had churches built over or around them to commemorate the events that occurred at them, and they still survive today.

The Moabite StoneParts in the Louvre in Paris (Mentions 15 places from the OT and the revolt of King Mesha: 2 Kin 3:4-27)
Amarna TabletsTell el-Amarna, Egypt (Confirms many things from the book of Joshua)
Prism of SennacheribBaghdad, Iraq (Speaks of King Sennachrrib's invasion of Jerusalem: Isa 36-37)
Ruins of King Nebuchadnezzar's palace (Dan 1-5)Babylon in Iraq (His name is impressed on some of the bricks found there. It is one of the most popular tourist sites in Iraq.)
Inscription in stone that mentions Pontius Pilate was the procurator of Judea.In a theatre in Caesarea
Inscription in stone that says, "Erastus (Rom 16:23), the commissioner of public works, laid this pavement at his own expense."In a theatre in Corinth
Stone carving of the Ark of the CovenantDiscovered in a synagogue in Capernaum
Ruins of Sodom and GomorrahSouth end of the Dead Sea
Stone carving of two boys undergoing the circumcision ritualEgyptian National Museum

** We also have busts of many rulers listed in the Bible such as:

Augustus Caesar (Lk 2:1)
Tiberious Caesar (Lk 3:1)
Claudius Caesar (Acts 18:1-2)(Acts 11:28)
Nero (the ruling emperor who persecuted Paul) (Acts 25:11-12)(Acts 26:32)(Phil 4:22)

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