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Q: #65. Could aliens be visiting us?

     A: If you saw my previous question: Are there aliens on other planets?, then you know I find the existence of aliens on other planets quite unlikely. But, if we would assume there could be aliens on other planets, I find it impossible that they could be visiting us. Let me explain why.

     Based on (Genesis 1), we know that in the beginning, on days 1-3, God created the Earth (Gen 1:2-13). In (Gen 1:14-19), we see that after creating the Earth, God spent the 4th day creating the stars and lights in the heavens. Then, on day 6, God created man (Gen 1:24-31).

     Therefore, we know that any life on other planets would have began at the same time we were created. God created ALL things within a week.

     So, first off, while I admit it is not logically impossible, it seems quite unlikely that a race of beings, created at the same time as us, could have advanced so far above us that they could travel the vast distances needed to reach us. This brings me to my next, more important point.

     The nearest of these galaxies that the aliens could travel from is BILLIONS of kilometers away (there are 1.6903 kilometers in a mile). The nearest star to us, apart from the sun, is 40 thousand billion kilometers away!

     This star is just over 4 light years away. According to Wikipedia, Voyager 1 (one of the fastest objects we have sent into space) would take 17,500 years to travel a light year. This means it would take Voyager 1 over 70,000 years to reach the nearest star! This is assuming it could even last that long.

     Now, I know that there are many people who believe man has been on this planet for a LONG time, even some Christians (I am not one of them). But, even evolutionists who believe this planet is billions of years old, will pretty much concede that man has not existed on this planet for much more than 70,000 years. It is simply IMPOSSIBLE for life that was created at the same time as us on other planets, to have been able to develop the technology, and then have the time to get to this planet, even if they had a faster ship. (Think about how many supplies they would need too!)

     Of course, if one does not believe all life was created at the same time as the Bible says, then all kinds of other theories could be used to explain UFO’s. However, I choose to believe God’s word.

Copyright: © Steve Shirley

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