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Q: #64. Are there aliens on other planets?

     A: When I first became a Christian, I had this question, and came to the conclusion that there was indeed life (aliens) on other planets. To support my theory, I used two “proofs.” First, I had decided, “Why would such a big God create all of those stars and planets out there, but yet put life on only one?” Second, I noticed that the KJV Bible used the word “worlds” in (Heb 1:2)(Heb 11:3). I took “worlds” to mean planets just like ours.

     What changed my mind about aliens on other planets? I heard, someone, somewhere, say that if aliens WERE on other planets, Jesus would have to have died on each of these planets, just as He did on Earth, to pay for the sins of the people on each of these planets.

     That may not convince you, but it sure convinced ME. I just don’t believe this has occurred.

     I now believe that we are indeed the only beings in this universe. All of the “stars and lights” in the heavens are to show us the magnificence of God, and are for His glory.

     I have also come to learn that what the KJV calls “worlds,” is apparently a mistranslation of the Greek word “aion.” All newer versions of the Bible translate this word as “universe” or “ages” (NASB).

     Please see my next question: Could aliens be visiting us? for a little more on this topic.

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Jeffrey Carl

Greetings brother Steve. I really appreciate the work you are doing here. I landed here when I googled “were Noah and Abram alive at the same time”. I had done my own calculations and it seemed they were alive together. But something didn’t seem right so I decided to see if there was a better answer. Your answer was! 🙂 (My error had to do with calculating how long it… Read more »