Q: #466. How many times is Jesus called the "Son of God" in the Gospels?

By: Steve Shirley

    A: Jesus is called the "Son of God" 23 times in the Gospels. Following is a chart showing who called Him the Son of God, and where it can be found.

Who called Him the "Son of God"Verses
The Devil - "If You are the Son of God" (he knew)(Mt 4:3,6)(Lk 4:3,9)
Demons(Mt 8:29)(Mk 5:7)(Lk 8:28)
The Disciples (Mt 14:33)
Jesus called Himself(Mt 26:63-64)
The two men on the crosses next to Him "If You are the Son of God" (Mt 27:38-40)
The chief priests, scribes, and elders accused Jesus of saying He was the "Son of God" (Mt 27:43)
The Centurion (and those with him)(Mt 27:54)(Mk 15:39)
Mark(Mk 1:1)
Demons (Mk 3:11)
The Angel Gabriel(Lk 1:35)
Demons(Lk 4:41)
Jesus called Himself(Lk 22:70)
John the Baptist(Jn 1:34)
Nathanael(Jn 1:49)
Jesus called Himself(Jn 3:18)
Jesus called Himself(Jn 5:25)
Peter and the disciples(Jn 6:68-69)
Jesus called Himself(Jn 9:35,37)
Jesus called Himself(Jn 10:36)
Jesus called Himself(Jn 11:4)
Martha(Jn 11:27)
The Jews accused Jesus of saying He was the "Son of God"(Jn 19:7)
The Disciple John(Jn 20:31)

     In addition to the above, He is called the "Son of God" 18 times in the Epistles. These are by: The Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:37), Saul / Paul (Acts 9:20)(Rom 1:4)(2 Cor 1:19)(Gal 2:20)(Eph 4:13), The author of Hebrews (Heb 4:14)(Heb 6:6)(Heb 7:3)(Heb 10:29), The Apostle John (1 Jn 3:8)(1 Jn 4:15)(1 Jn 5:5,10,12,13,20), and Jesus Himself (Rev 2:18).

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