Q: #344. How many of the kings of Israel and Judah were killed?

By: Steve Shirley

    A: There were 42 kings who ruled in Israel and Judah (and one queen who ruled instead of a king). Of these, 15 were killed by other people, God killed 3, and 2 killed themselves. Interestingly, of the 19 kings of Israel, 7 were killed by individuals who killed the king and took his spot. However, this happened to none of the kings (or queen) of Judah.

     Following is a chart laying this out.

United KingdomKilled Or Not?
SaulSuicide (1 Sam 31:4-5)(1 Chr 10:4-5)
IshboshethKilled by Rechab and Baanah, commanders of his raiding parties (2 Sam 4:5-7)
DavidNot Killed (1 Kin 2:10)(1 Chr 29:28)
SolomonNot Killed (1 Kin 11:43)(2 Chr 9:31)
Kings Of IsraelKilled Or Not?Kings Of Judah Killed Or Not?
Jeroboam"The Lord struck him and he died" (2 Chr 13:20)(1 Kin 14:20)RehoboamNot Killed (1 Kin 14:31)(2 Chr 12:16)
NadabKilled by Baasha (1 Kin 15:25-28)Abijam Not Killed (1 Kin 15:8)(2 Chr 14:1)
BaashaNot Killed (1 Kin 16:6)Asa Not Killed (1 Kin 15:23-24)(2 Chr 16:12-13) **May have died from disease in feet
ElahKilled by his servant Zimri (1 Kin 16:9-10)Jehoshaphat Not Killed (1 Kin 22:50)(2 Chr 21:1)
ZimriSuicide (1 Kin 16:17-18)Jehoram "The Lord smote him in his bowels with an incurable disease... and he died" (2 Chr 21:18-19)(2 Kin 8:24)
OmriNot Killed (1 Kin 16:28)Ahaziah Killed by Jehu (2 Chr 22:9)(2 Kin 9:27)
AhabKilled in battle (1 Kin 22:34-37)(2 Chr 18:33-34)Athaliah (Queen) Killed by order of Jehoiada the priest (2 Kin 11:15-16)(2 Chr 23:14-15)
AhaziahDied from an injury (2 Kin 1:2,4,16-17)Joash Killed by his servants: Jozachar and Jehozabad (2 Kin 12:20-21)(2 Chr 24:25-26)
JehoramKilled by Jehu (2 Kin 9:24-25)Amaziah Killed by enemies (2 Kin 14:19)(2 Chr 25:27)
JehuNot Killed (2 Kin 10:35) Azariah (Uzziah)God struck him with leprosy (until the day he died) (2 Chr 26:20-21)(2 Kin 15:5)
JehoahazNot Killed (2 Kin 13:9) JothamNot Killed (2 Kin 15:38)(2 Chr 27:9)
JehoashNot Killed (2 Kin 13:13)Ahaz Not Killed (2 Kin 16:20)(2 Chr 28:27)
JeroboamNot Killed (2 Kin 14:29)Hezekiah Not Killed (2 Kin 20:21)(2 Chr 32:33)
ZachariahKilled by Shallum (2 Kin 15:10)ManassehNot Killed (2 Kin 21:18)(2 Chr 33:20)
ShallumKilled by Menahem (2 Kin 15:14)Amon Killed by his servants (2 Kin 21:23)(2 Chr 33:24)
MenahemNot Killed (2 Kin 15:22)Josiah Killed in battle by Pharaoh Neco (2 Kin 23:29-30)(2 Chr 35:23-24)
PekhiahKilled by Pekah, one of his chief officers (2 Kin 15:25)Jehoahaz Died as a prisoner of Pharaoh Neco (2 Kin 23:33-34)
PekahKilled by Hoshea (2 Kin 15:30)Jehoiakim Unknown: taken prisoner by King Nebuchadnezzar and likely died in Babylon (2 Chr 36:5-6)(2 Kin 24:6)
HosheaUnknown (2 Kin 17:1-4)Jehoiachin Unknown: taken prisoner by King Nebuchadnezzar (2 Kin 24:12,15)(2 Chr 36:10) Later released by King Evil-merodach (2 Kin 25:27-30)
  Zedekiah Unknown: taken prisoner by King Nebuchadnezzar and likely died in Babylon (2 Kin 25:7)

     You can find out how long each of these kings ruled, and which were good/evil here.

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