Q: #261. Do animals have any symbolic Biblical meaning?

By: Steve Shirley

    A: Yes, many of the dozens of animals mentioned in the Bible are symbols for other things. In addition, many of these individual animals are used to symbolize more than one thing. This list is too great to mention each animal with its various symbolic meanings (people have written whole books on this), so I will list just a few.

The 70 (72?) Ministers (Lk 10:3), Jesus (Jn 1:29,36)(1 Pet 1:19)(Rev 7:14)

Innocence (2 Sam 24:17), The Lost Of Israel (Mt 10:6), Followers Of Jesus (Mt 26:31)(Zech 13:7), Christians (Jn 10:1-16), Those In The Church (Acts 20:28)

Satan (Rev 12:9)(Rev 20:2), Jesus (Jn 3:14-15)(Num 21:5-9), The Wicked (Ps 58:3-4), The Effects Of Drinking Too Much Wine (Prov 23:31-35), Being Wise (Mt 10:16)

Judah (Gen 49:9), Babylon (Dan 7:4), Jesus (Rev 5:5), Powerful (Ezek 1:10), Boldness (Prov 28:1), God (Amos 3:8)(Hos 5:14), Devil (1 Pet 5:8)

God's Care For Israel (Ex 19:4), Being Fast (Jer 4:13)(Jer 48:40), Renewal (Ps 103:5)(Isa 40:31), Pride (Jer 49:16), Trusting In Riches (Prov 23:5)

Loveliness (Song 2:14), Lacking Sense (Hos 7:11), Being Harmless (Mt 10:16)

Male Prostitute (Deut 23:18), Contempt (1 Sam 17:43), Hypocrite (Mt 7:6) Self-depreciation (2 Sam 9:8), Gentiles (Mt 15:26), Unclean (Rev 22:15) False Teachers (2 Pet 2:22), Unfaithful Leaders (Isa 56:10)

False Prophet (Mt 7:15)(Mt 10:16)

Greece (Dan 8:5,21), Unbelievers (Mt 25:32-34)

Medo Persia (Dan 8:6)

     Symbolism runs all through the Bible. Many things besides animals are used as symbols such as: numbers, objects, colors, people/body parts, etc... It is important to take the time to study what these various things stand for, or many things in the Bible are going to be quite confusing, especially the book of Revelation.

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