Q: #250. How many cases of demon possession and exorcism are in the Bible?

By: Steve Shirley

    A: I can find 9 cases of people being demon possessed and those demons being cast out (exorcism). They are all in the New Testament.

Man In The Synagogue: (Mk 1:23-28)(Lk 4:31-37)
The Blind And Mute Man: (Mt 12:22-23)(Lk 11:14)
The Two Men Of Gergesenes (Gadarenes): (Mt 8:28-34)(Mk 5:1-20)(Lk 8:26-39)
(The above verses show that animals can be demon possessed too.)
The Mute Man: (Mt 9:32-34)
The Epileptic Deaf And Dumb Son: (Mt 17:14-18)(Mk 9:14-27)(Lk 9:37-42)
The Gentile Woman's Daughter: (Mt 15:21-28)(Mk 7:24-30)
The Woman Crippled For 18 Years: (Lk 13:10-13,16)
Mary Magdalene: (Mk 16:9)
The Slave Girl: (Acts 16:16-18)

*** Some of these I have together could actually be separate events.

There are also places where it says demons were cast out of people, but the specific person who was possessed is not mentioned: (Mt 4:24)(Mk 1:32-34)(Lk 5:40-41)(Mt 8:16-17) (Lk 6:17-19)(Lk 13:31-32)(Mk 9:38-41)(Lk 9:49)(Lk 7:21)(Mk 3:10-12)(Lk 4:40-41)(Mk 6:13)(Acts 5:16)(Acts 8:6-7)(Acts 19:11-12).

Demons are to be cast out using Jesus' name: (Mt 7:22)(Mk 16:17)(Lk 10:17)(Acts 16:16)(Acts 19:13).

At times, casting them out also requires: Prayer and Fasting (Mt 18:21)(Mk 9:28-29), and Faith (Mt 17:19-20).

Some other prominent verses on demon possession: (Mt 12:24-30,43-45)(Mk 3:22-30) (Lk 11:15-26)(Lk 10:17-20)(Mk 16:16-18)(Acts 10:38)(Acts 19:13-16).

There are no clear examples of demon possession in the Old Testament, but a few verses hint at it: (Judg 9:23)(1 Kin 22:19-23)(1 Sam 16:14-23)(1 Sam 18:10)(1 Sam 19:9). These demons were not cast out.

*** Interesting Note: The Gospel Of John does not mention demon possession.

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