Q: #232. How many prophetesses are mentioned in the Bible?

By: Steve Shirley

    A: There are 9 women in the Bible who are called true prophetesses (Hebrew "nbiyah" Greek "prophetis" meaning "inspired woman"). They are:

Miriam (Ex 15:20)
Deborah (Judg 4:4)
Huldah (2 Kin 22:14)
Isaiah's Wife (Isa 8:3)
Anna (Lk 2:36-38)
The 4 daughters of Philip (Acts 21:8-9)

     While these 9 are the only women called prophetesses specifically, most agree that it is not a complete list of all of the women in the Bible who prophesied. Some others who are believed to have spoken prophetically are:

Rachel (Gen 30:24)
Hannah (1 Sam 2:1-10)
Abigail (1 Sam 25:28-31)
Elisabeth (Lk 1:41-45)
Mary (mother of Jesus)(Lk 1:46-55)

     The Jewish Talmud also adds Sarah and Esther to the list of prophetesses.

     In addition, 2 other women are considered "false prophetesses." These are Noediah (Neh 6:14) and Jezebel (Rev 2:20). (Ezek 13:17) gives a warning specifically about "women" who prophesy falsely.

     (Joel 2:28-29) tells us that in the end times, there will be an increase in both men and women prophets. For more on what a prophet is and does, see Q: #231.

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