Q: #220. How many Pagan/false gods does the Bible mention?

     A: In my studies on this, I found 34 Pagan/false gods mentioned. It can be kind of confusing because some gods were the same but spelled differently in different places. Of the 34 I listed below, some may be the same as well, but I am pretty confident most are not. It is also interesting to note that most of the larger cities had numerous gods (polytheism). For example, the city of Athens had so many idols/gods (Acts 17:16), that they even made an idol "To The Unknown God" (Acts 17:23), just in case they missed any! (Paul used this opportunity to tell them about the one true God of all creation.) Below is my list:

Name Of Pagan / False God Worshipped By / In Bible References (Total Verses) Description
Adrammalech Sepharvites 2 Kin 17:31 (1) Sun-god
Amon Thebes In Egypt Jer 46:25 (1) Sun-god
Anamelech Sepharvites 2 Kin 17:31 (1) Moon-goddess
Asherah (Asherim) Canaan Judg 6:25,26,28,30 (36) Fertility goddess
Ashima Hammath In Syria 2 Kin 17:30 (1)  ------
Ashtoreth  (Ashtaroth) Syria / Phoenicia / Canaan 1 Kin 11:5,33 (9) Love, fertility goddess
Baal Syria / Phoenicia / Canaan 2 Kin 18:18-23,25-28 (47) Principal god
Baal-berith Shechem In Canaan Judg 8:33, Judg 9:4 (2) Name means "lord of covenant"
Baal-Peor Moabites Num 25: 3,5 (6)  ------
Baal-zebub (Beelzebub in NT Greek) Ekron In Philistine 2 Kin 1:2,3,6,18 (4 OT) (6 NT) Name means "lord of flies" (protection from)
Bel  (possibly same as Baal) Moabites / Babylonians / Ammonites Isa 46:1, Jer 50:2, Jer 51:44 (3) Principal god
Castor / Pollux  (Twin Brothers) Greeks Acts 28:11 (1) Twin sons of Zeus. Protection for sailors.
Chemosh Moabites 1 Kin 11:7,33 (8) Destroyer, subduer. Child sacrifices made for.
Dagon Philistines 1 Sam 2:2-4,7  (7) Grain god
Diana / Artemis Ephesus In Greece Acts 19:24,27,28,34,35 (5) Moon, hunting, virginity goddess
Gad (Fortune) Israel Isa 65:11 (1)  ------
Golden Calf Israel Borrowed From Egypt Story in Ex 32 ------
Jupiter / Zeus Greek Acts 14:12 (1) King god, ruler of heaven and all other gods.
Kaiwan  (Chiun) Babylonians Amos 5:26 (1) Possibly star god
Meni (Destiny) Israel Isa 65:11 (1)  ------
Mercury / Hermes Greek Acts 14:12 (1) Messenger for the gods
Merodach Babylonians Jer 50:2 (1) Possibly associated with Mars, war god
Milcom (Malcham, Malcam) Ammonites 1 Kin 11:5,33 (6) ------
Molech (Moloch) Ammonites Lev 20:2,3,4,5) (10) Destroyer, consumer. Child sacrifices made for.
Nebo Chaldea In Babylon Isa 46:1 (1) Writing, speech, literature, arts god
Nehushtan Israel 2 Kin 18:4 (1) Serpent Moses made in wilderness (Num 21:4-9)
Nergal Cuth in Babylon 2 Kin 17:30 (1) War and hunting god
Nibhaz Avites 2 Kin 17:31 (1)  ------
Queen Of Heaven  (Known As Ishtar) Assyria / Babylon Jer 7:18, Jer 44:17,18,19,25 (5) Love, war, fertility goddess
Rimmon Syria 2 Kin 5:18 (1) Weather god
Sikkuth Babylonians Amos 5:26 (1) Saturn god
Succoth Benoth Babylonians / Samarians 2 Kin 17:30 (1) goddess
Tammuz Babylonians / Samarians Ezek 8:14 (1) Vegetation god
Tartak Arvites 2 Kin 17:31 (1) Prince of darkness

     In the previous question, (Q: #219), we spoke on the 10 plagues of Egypt. Most scholars agree that each of the first 9 was specifically created by God to target a false Egyptian god, the powerlessness of that god to stop that plague, and the foolishness of believing that god actually had any power at all. (For example, the 2nd plague of frogs targeted the Egyptian frog god Heqt. The Egyptians worshipped frogs and no one was allowed to kill them.) None of these Egyptian gods are mentioned in the Bible by name, but we know from history and archaeology they existed. This is also the case with 100's of other Pagan/false gods from Bible times.

     In addition, there are numerous false gods from that time that are very well known today, and even taught about in schools. How many of you, like me, had to memorize the names of the Greek gods and what their "power" was i.e. Apollo, Ares, Athena, Hera, Hermes, Poseidon, Zeus, etc....?

     As Christians, we believe ONLY in the one true God of the Bible. Thankfully, we don't need numerous, man-made "gods" (who have no power at all) to guide our lives and live our lives for, just one God, who we will spend all eternity with one day when we place our trust in Jesus Christ.