Q: #140. Who are the "sons of God" in the Bible?

By: Steve Shirley

    A: The term "sons of God" is used 11 times in the Bible, 5 times in the Old Testament (Gen 6:2,4)(Job 1:6)(Job 2:1)(Job 38:7) and 6 times in the New Testament (Jn 1:12)(Rom 8:14,19)(Phil 2:15)(1 Jn 3:1,2). It can refer either to men or angels.

     In the New Testament, it always refers to people who belong to God and are His (adopted) children. (Also see: Gal 4:5-6, Gal 3:26, 2 Cor 6:18)

     In the Old Testament, the sons of God are clearly angels when mentioned in the book of Job. However, the biggest controversy comes with who the sons of God were in (Gen 6:1-4). Were they men or were they angels? Scholars seem about evenly split on the issue. Those who believe it was men think it was the Godly line of Seth (sons of God) intermarrying with the ungodly line of Cain. I hold to this view for 3 reasons.

     First, and most importantly, I believe that ONLY God has the power of creation. If we give angels this power, then it makes them equal to God, and would give them the power to create ANYTHING! Angels in their natural form are invisible (2 Kin 6:16-17)(Num 22:22-31) and spirit (Heb 1:14). Jesus said that a spirit is not made up of flesh and bone (Lk 24:39). In order an angel to go from the non-physical to the physical, it would mean they would have to have the ability to create bodies at will. NOWHERE does the Bible show angels can do this. Yes, some angels had bodies in the Bible, but GOD gave them their form. They could not do it on their own.

     Secondly, (Gen 6:2) says the "sons of God" married human wives, which Jesus said angels don't do (Mt 22:30).

     Finally, Satan and his demons tried a number of times in the Bible to destroy the genealogical line though which Jesus would later come. I believe this was one attempt. However, he was unsuccessful as Jesus' lineage still came through Seth (Lk 3:37).

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